Kenan Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Presents at ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING

sinnott-armstrong presents
Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong lectures on the ethics of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAW). Photo Credit: Duke Government Relations

from Duke Government Relations: Controlling the Rise of Artificial Intelligence is a Two-Way Street

In correlation with President Trump’s Artificial Intelligence Executive Order, Duke in DC hosted a briefing for Congressional staff on the implications of human-AI collaboration and the role of ethics in federal policymaking. Professors Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Vincent Conitzer and Nita Farahany  presented on the problems and promises of AI, the legal implications of innovation and the ethics of AI in military development and use, respectively.

Regarding specific ethical ramifications, Sinnott-Armstrong commented:

Artificial Intelligence will raise a wide array of pressing ethics issues in the near future. It also might challenge our fundamental understanding of what ethics is.

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