Who We are

A vibrant interdisciplinary community of scholars, students, and practitioners dedicated to understanding the moral challenges of our time and creating scholarly frameworks, policy, and practice to address them.

  • Arnade-Colwill
    Jac Arnade-Colwill
  • Biewen
    John Biewen
  • Cooper
    Alexandra Cooper
  • Dorman
    Kimberly Dorman
  • Edison
    Dagny Edison
  • Ferney
    Christian Ferney
  • Gregory
    Ada Gregory
  • Jo
    Katherine Jo
  • Krause
    Margaret Campbell Krause
  • Peterson
    Inga Peterson
  • Pinto-Coelho
    Laura Pinto-Coelho
  • Rogers
    Sarah Rogers
  • Summers
    Jesse Summers
  • Toole
    David Toole
  • Train
    Hillary Train
  • Wright
    Kristin Wright