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Purpose coaching

Students who can align their interests and abilities with something bigger than themselves are more likely to be happy, excellent in their work, comfortable with uncertainty, and resilient in the face of disappointment. Purpose-oriented students are, simply put, more likely to thrive in complex, pressurized, and diverse environments—those like Duke. But purpose discernment is a skill—one best incubated in a supportive and structured way.

This summer, the Kenan Institute for Ethics is offering group purpose coaching sessions. We’ll begin with sessions for undergraduates and plan to expand to graduate/professional students and alumni in the coming weeks. Our goal is to facilitate a group processing of the current moment in all its complexity—together. What values, norms, and imperatives shape how we think about where we are going in life? How might we forge greater alignment between what we think is important and how we spend our time? Each session will explore a different topic as a springboard to a wide-ranging conversation on what purpose means now, and each session will end with concrete steps participants can take to move forward.

Times indicated are PM, EDT unless otherwise noted. We would like to accommodate students with diverse schedules in many time zones, please contact us if you are a student interested in joining a session at a different time. For scheduling queries or more information, contact Christian Ferney.