Who We are

A vibrant interdisciplinary community of scholars, students, and practitioners dedicated to understanding the moral challenges of our time and creating scholarly frameworks, policy, and practice to address them.

  • Chen
    Wanyi Chen
  • Colen
    Jonathan Colen
  • Duke
    Adrienne Duke
  • Flessen
    Ivy Flessen
  • Hasenour
    Kiersten Hasenour
  • Holloway
    Lexi Holloway
  • Kaminski
    Christopher Kaminski
  • Little
    Jacob Little
  • Page
    Kaylie Page
  • Pebesma
    Evan Pebesma
  • Reif
    Jessica Reif
  • Rostov
    Claire Rostov
  • Smith
    Brittany Smith
  • Tuttle
    Eric Tuttle
  • Zaksewicz
    Stephen Zaksewicz