Who We are

A vibrant interdisciplinary community of scholars, students, and practitioners dedicated to understanding the moral challenges of our time and creating scholarly frameworks, policy, and practice to address them.

  • Centers
    Jessica Centers
  • Clark
    Madeline Clark
  • Hackley
    Rylee Hackley
  • King
    Dillon King
  • Küppers
    Sinja Küppers
  • McCormack
    Kara McCormack
  • McKean
    Stephen McKean
  • Mulligan
    Joseph Mulligan
  • Nguyen
    Son Nguyen
  • Quinn
    Joseph Quinn
  • Sankaranarayanan
    Laavanya Sankaranarayanan
  • Seah
    Wan Ning Seah
  • Sjol
    Jordan Sjol
  • Soliman
    Adam Soliman
  • Sun
    Kevin Sun
  • Tang
    Becky Tang
  • Yoon
    Soohyun Yoon