New offerings in ethics undergraduate courses

KIELogo-gray400KIE Senior Fellow Dirk Philipsen will be teaching two new courses for the Spring 2014 semester. Each of the classes can count toward the Ethics Certificate requirements in addition to the cross-listings provided.

ETHICS 271 | Life Within Capitalism: A History of its Values, Measures, and Struggles (EI, CZ, SS)
Dr. Dirk Philipsen (and possibly other instructors from various disciplines), Kenan Institute for Ethics
Spring Semester 2014
Through multiple debate and project formats, this course explores the history of life within capitalism, with a focus on the U.S. By now a predominant economic and value system, discussions center on the struggles, values, and measures that generated modern versions of capitalism. Readings and materials cover key developments in the history of capitalism, the logic of capitalism (choices, values, goals), as well as current challenges and possible future developments.

ETHICS 285 | Denial, Faith, Reason: Sustainability and Survival (EI, CZ, SS)
Dr. Dirk Philipsen, Kenan Institute for Ethics
Spring Semester 2014
An exploration of sustainability from a wide range of different perspectives—historical, political, social, cultural, and ethical. Assuming a finite planet with finite resources, discussions and independent projects center on specific concepts of sustainability, investigate their history, and debate possible ethical imperatives emanating from it. Readings and materials particularly focus on cultural responses and ethical decisions behind the logic of sustainability.