Caroline Cornett

Caroline (she/her) is a freshman from Chattanooga, Tennessee, studying Computer Science and Political Science at Duke. With Kenan, she works as a research assistant, and outside Kenan, she is a member of the Duke Student Government Judiciary, Business Oriented Women, and Duke Technology Scholars. Caroline hopes to go to law school after her undergraduate studies, and outside school, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and trying new foods.

Hyonjun Yun

Hyonjun (Jun for short) is a junior from South Korea studying political science and environmental science. With Kenan, he has participated in the Kenan Focus program and DukeEngage: Durham while currently acting as the student-lead for Citizenship Lab. He is also involved in Juris Law Magazine and the Korean Undergraduate Student Association. Jun’s passions include environmental law and civil discourse. In his free time, he enjoys cooking with friends, playing badminton, and taking pictures of his cat Hyonny.

Minjee Kim

Minjee Kim is a first-year from Seoul, South Korea majoring in Public Policy. She became involved with Kenan through their FOCUS program and the Team Kenan Fellowship. At Duke, she is also involved in Mock Trial and the Korean Undergraduate Students Association. When she’s not working or studying, you can find her listening to podcasts, crocheting bags, or rewatching The Good Place.

Niall Schroder

Niall Schroder is a Senior from Durham, North Carolina studying Computer Science and Theater Studies. Outside of the /kenan-ethics/Communications/ directory you can hear him going flat onstage with Hoof ‘n’ Horn and Speak of the Devil, botching a punchline in the writing room with Inside Joke, or crushing the hopes and dreams of starry-eyed freshmen who just missed their second tent check in K-Ville.

David Marin Quiros

David is a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina studying International Comparative studies with a concentration on Africa. They became involved with Kenan through the Ethics and Global Citizenship Focus Program and the Living Learning Community. They enjoy being a part of the Community Empowerment Fund as well as Duke Quidditch. In their spare time they like to listen to music and playing board games.

Juan Jaramillo-Chico

Juan is a senior from West Jefferson, North Carolina studying plant genetics in the Shaw Lab at Duke. With Kenan, he has participated in the Kenan Focus program, as well as with Launch Lab. He is also a member of the Duke University Marching Band. Juan is interested in a variety of topics including the representation of minorities in literature and pop culture, wildlife biology, and music. Outside of academics, he enjoys listening to music, learning to play new instruments, hiking, reading, and all things fountain pen related.