Ana Ramirez

Ana Ramirez joined the Kenan Institute for Ethics as a Research Assistant in January 2024 after working in the Kenan Worldview Lab and participating in DukeEngage Boston. She is an undergraduate at Duke studying political science, concentrating in Law and Theory, and Cultural Anthropology. She enjoys learning about why people do the things they do – specifically in the context of social and political structure. At Duke, she is also a part of Duke PorColombia and Business Oriented Women. In her free time, she enjoys weight lifting, reading bildungsromans, and listening to Indie pop. 

Jason Kreinberg

Jason Kreinberg joined the Kenan Institute for Ethics as a Research Assistant in September 2023 after working in the Regenerative Futures Lab (rLab) in spring 2023. He is an undergraduate at Duke studying political science, economics, and history, with a focus on economic development and international relations. He is a Global Fellow and a member of the Alexander Hamilton Society, the American Grand Strategy program, and Hoof ‘n’ Horn. He also volunteers in the Canine Cognition Lab to maximize his time in the presence of puppies. In his free time, he enjoys running, climbing, playing the guitar, hiking, and exploring.

Ana Herndon

Ana (she/her/hers) is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia studying Public Policy and Economics here at Duke. She became involved with Kenan through the Humanitarian Challenges Focus Program. Some of her passions include education reform, business ethics, and promoting diversity in youth sports. At Duke, she is a youth basketball coach with Coach2Inspire, and an undergraduate research assistant for the Duke Diversity and Inclusion Lab. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf, listening to music, and watching Duke sports.

Maddie Beard

Maddie Beard (she/her) is a freshman from Wilkesboro, North Carolina. She fell in love with Durham after attending boarding school at the North Carolina School of Science and Math. At NCSSM, Maddie completed an independent research project on socioeconomic class narratives in media and was mentored during a UNC-CH research project on sarcopenia’s effects on endometrial radiation outcomes, cementing her interests in the humanities and medicine. She is currently undecided on her major, but is joining the pre-med track. She learned of Kenan through her Ethics What Now? seminar and joined the team in September 2022. In her free time, Maddie enjoys road biking, running, writing poetry, lifting weights, and looking at dog bios on Petfinder.

Josh Suh

Josh Suh is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia studying public policy with a focus on international development management and policy. He is interested in the intersection between social enterprises and rural development in West and Central Africa and is currently working with an NGO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on implementing rural development projects. Outside of Kenan, he enjoys backcountry backpacking, urban exploring, and broadly trying new things.

Isabelle Kuehn

Isabelle (she/her) is a sophomore from Durham, North Carolina, studying Environmental Engineering at Duke. Her high school engineering program, various volunteering organizations, and an internship at the EPA inspired her to continue her pursuit in engineering at Duke. Living in Durham, she hopes to set some distance from home and study abroad either during undergrad or after her time at Duke. Outside of academics, Isabelle loves late night Cookout runs, movie nights in the dorm, and getting crazy in K-Ville with her tent.