The Kenan Institute for Ethics offers many opportunities for undergraduates. Whether you’re interested in just one program or in creating a pathway of programs specific to your interests, KIE can help you find your passion and enrich your Duke experience both inside and outside of the classroom.


DukeEngage Dublin
Travel to Dublin for eight weeks working with Irish community-based organizations grappling with issues effecting migrants and refugees.

DukeImmerse: Uprooted/Rerouted
Spend a semester deeply exploring refugee issues through four interdisciplinary courses, four weeks of field work abroad, and engagement with local communities here in Durham.

Ethics & Society Certificate
Through either a course-based certificate or an experiential certificate, integrate ethics into any major, exploring your own personal ethics as well as building a professional ethics toolkit.

Kenan Summer Fellows
Take a journey exploring one topic that resonates with you over the course of a summer, whether it’s in Durham or across the world.

Global Human Rights Scholars
A group of undergraduates selected by application, devoted to exploring what the connections are between human rights activism and scholarship, as well as what they can and should be.

Team Kenan
Join a diverse group of undergraduates to think through and enact happenings, discussions, and events across campus that foster ethical dialog at Duke.

MASTERY Refugee Tutoring
Become a tutor for resettled refugee youth here in Durham, and help them build language and learning skills they have missed through displacement.

Supporting Women’s Action Community Partnership
Make a difference in the lives of locally resettled women by promoting empowerment, education and enterprise for them and their families through this integrated community.

World Food Programme Internships
Experience the strengths and challenges of humanitarian work with a summer on the ground with the UN’s WFP office in Nepal.

Moral Purpose Award
Express how your college experience has shaped your moral imagination through an essay and compete for a monetary prize.

Storytelling Workshop with the Monti
Workshop and perform live storytelling that explores the relationship between storytelling and the moral life with Jeff Polish from The Monti, part of Religions and Public Life at KIE.


Ethics Case Studies
Develop teaching case studies for educators on a variety of topics with an ethical lens.

Bass Connections at Duke Teams
Join interdisciplinary research teams uniting one of Duke’s newest research opportunities and Kenan Institute for Ethics program areas.

Kenan Collaboratory Teams
Assist with problem-based research in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences tackling issues with impacts at the local and national levels.

Explore how social, cultural, neurological, and biological factors shape our moral attitudes, decisions, and judgments.

Human Rights Lab
Enroll in a course allowing you to work with NGOs to research issues at the intersection of international business and human rights.