Virtues & Vocations Conference Announced

virtues and vocations


June 4-6, 2020


Virtues & Vocations is a new initiative, sponsored by the Kern Family Foundation and in partnership with Duke Divinity School, to create a national conversation about cultivating character in professional education. The first annual Virtues & Vocations conference will be held June 4-6, 2020 at the JB Duke Hotel and Conference Center. This forum will bring together scholars and practitioners across disciplines to learn from one another about how to develop virtue in students while training them for excellence in their chosen fields.
Professionals often have a difficult time recognizing the role of character in their education and work because their professional training focused primarily on the teaching and maintenance of technical knowledge without attending to the development of the virtues that are required for someone to inhabit a chosen profession as a vocation. Virtues & Vocations is designed to confront this deficiency in professional education.
In 2020, the conference will focus on education, engineering, and medicine, but participants from all professions are welcome, and indeed encouraged. The design of the conference assumes that professions have a lot to learn from one another. As we seek to nurture new scholarship and encourage innovative practices in professional education, we are inviting presentation proposals of all sorts (scholarly and programmatic). To learn more about possible topics and deadlines for this Call for Papers, visit virtuesvocations.org. You can also find registration information on the website.
Eager to engage in a conversation on character and professions before the conference? Follow @virtuevocations on Twitter for lively scholarly and practical discussions and the latest information about conference speakers, schedules and deadlines.