Sara Evall

Sara Evall is a senior from Los Angeles, California. Sara is a Program II major in Refugee and Migrant Studies, and is currently working on her thesis, which is about how Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Jordan imagine their futures and how their imaginations are impacted by governance. She created her major by drawing on her passions for human rights and social justice as well as her time spent in Kenan’s Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship focus, DukeEngage Dublin, and DukeImmerse: Deconstructing/Reconstructing the Refugee Experience. Sara also cares deeply about her involvements with the Kenan Refugee Project and Supporting Women’s Action, SuWA. Outside of Kenan, Sara is involved in Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health (PASH) and the Sexual Assault Prevention Taskforce (SAPT). In her spare time, she likes to read, pet dogs, watch Game of Thrones, and spend time with friends and family.