Join Team Kenan as we kick off Fall 2017, October 20

Join Team Kenan as we mark the start of the 2017-2018 academic year, from 3-5pm on Friday, October 20, in the Ahmadieh Family Conference Room (West Duke 101) on Duke’s West Campus. Stop by to join the conversation on the TK Couch, for information on this year’s What Is Good Art? competition, to make your mark in our photobooth and for the chance to pick up one of our ‘real/fake major’ t-shirts. This event also marks the official launch of the Summer 2017 issue of Encompass, our student produced ethics magazine.

Team Kenan provokes the Duke undergraduate community to consider the notion that ethics is everywhere through fun, engaging and sometimes unconventional programs. Team Kenan is the social and intellectual bridge between those students already engaged by the Institute’s offerings and those that are not, serving as the core of a vibrant intellectual community of students, blurring the line between the study of ethics and its application throughout students’ lives.