‘Good Question’ answered: Alma Blount on how to teach ethical leadership

In the latest edition of the Kenan Institute for Ethics’ “Good Question” series, Alma Blount, Director of Duke’s Hart Leadership Program and a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Sanford School of Public Policy, offers insight in how to best meet students’ eagerness for ethical leadership.

Blount, who has taught at Duke since 1994 and has served as director of the Hart Leadership Program since 2001, notes it’s important to see leadership not as a position, but as an activity.

“Leadership requires a willingness to help people take on thorny problems that defy easy answers, and it also requires a sense of purpose, and knowledge and skills to embrace those tasks,” she said. “Students show a hunger for this work, an interest in dealing with conflict productively and addressing issues that might keep a community, a company—or a country—from confronting its toughest problems.”

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