The Ethics of Now with Ricky Moore

Durham Arts Council 120 Morris St, Durham, NC

James Beard Award–winning local chef Ricky Moore serves up North Carolina seafood prepared with creativity and heart. His cooking honors coastal Carolina traditions, showing us how sustainable cuisine is care for our communities and our planet. Join host Adriane Lentz-Smith for a conversation with Moore on Food as Care. This event takes place at the […]


The Ark, East Campus 14 Epworth Dorm Ln, Durham, NC

Meshroom: an open dancefloor for rewilding thought and movement Free and open to all. Drop-in drop-out. Bring a friend. Meshroom is a performance environment that forms an intellectual/intentional community around an open dancefloor. It is a space for transcending narrow languages, ungrounding from fixed realities, and co-creating temporary worlds in movement. Meshroom is shaped by […]


Rubenstein Arts Center 2020 Campus Dr, Durham, NC

“Parliament is a psychedelic thunderbolt. It draws everyone out of their day-to-day functional perception and plunges them into a lived world of communal wealth, mystery, beauty and potential.” Parliament is a pioneering work of situational choreography and exploration of ecological aesthetics. The work offers participants a critically needed withdrawal from normal modes of social action […]

Racial Healing, Hope, and “The Solidarity Dividend”

Penn Pavilion 107 Union Dr, Durham, NC

The Duke Center for Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation presents Racial Healing, Hope, and "The Solidarity Dividend"-Renowned mother-daughter duo: Gail Christopher, TRHT movement leader, and Heather McGhee, NY Times Bestselling author of "The Sum of Us," in conversation with Charmaine Royal, Duke TRHT Center Director. A reception will follow the conversation. Please register for the […]

The Ethics of Now with Angela Garbes

Durham Arts Council 120 Morris St, Durham, NC

Join the Kenan Institute for Ethics and host Adriane-Lentz Smith for a conversation with Angela Garbes on radicalism, justice, and mothering. Author of Essential Labor and Like A Mother Angela Garbes takes us beyond platitudes to talk about mothering as work—work that is power-bound but also lifted up by radical hope. Through an approach that is […]

Drawing the Line: A Conversation on the Works of Immoral Artists

Duke Coffeehouse Crowell Building, Epworth Dorm Ln, Durham, NC

J.K. Rowling, Michael Jackson, Paul Gauguin, Woody Allen, Louis C.K… If we find an artist problematic, can we still enjoy their art—or is it better to stop engaging with it altogether? Do we have to choose between “canceling” an artist and ignoring their troubling—or even criminal—behavior? Or is there a way to navigate morally complicated […]