DukeEngage Builds Bridges with Communities in Eswatini

A suspension bridge swoops across a river through the early morning mist
The completed bridge allows community members to cross the river, including children on the way to school. Photo by Kyle Abrahm.

This summer, DukeEngage students worked with local community members and a team of masons to construct a suspension bridge over a seasonally flooding river in Eswatini. Limited to mostly rudimentary materials, they used pickaxes, shovels, and their bare hands.

They finished the 122-meter-long bridge in just nine weeks. They came home with the experience of a lifetime.

“What DukeEngage is intended to do, and has done so well over the last 20 years, is give students a vision for the world around them in ways that are really impactful and tangible and humbling.” – David Schaad

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