Blog Competition: Duke Dilemma

Without a shallow of a doubt, the greatest dilemma faced by us Duke undergraduates is the decision of going into investment banking or consulting.

It’s a decision that I will not wish upon my worst enemy.

If we choose to be an investment banker, we won’t be able to travel, gain “industry exposure,” receive guaranteed entrance into HBS*, and of course, we are giving up our souls. If we choose to be a consultant, we are missing out on, well, money, because those measly consultant salaries are just not enough.

Making matters worse, if we become investment bankers, we are giving up the opportunity to help rich companies get richer, and if we become consultants, we are giving up the opportunity to help rich people get richer. How can one expect us undergraduates to make this decision knowing that we will have to live with the guilt of not providing service to both? Duke’s motto is “knowledge in service to all rich society,” not “knowledge in service to parts of a rich society,” how can we make this choice without disappointing our beloved alma mater?**

On the brighter side though, we at least still get to work ridiculous hours and make a difference in the world. Well actually, probably a bit more of the former than the latter. But that is okay too, because the recruiters told us that after our jobs, we will all be able to start nonprofits.


*Gosh, do you really not know what HBS is? It’s only like, prestigious.

**Some of you will point out that investment bankers occasionally help rich companies as well, so I guess for those of you, congratulations on your decision to become an “i-banker” (hyphenated to avoid lawsuits from Apple).