Announcing the 2021 ReMed and ReTech Fellows

Congratulations to the 2021 ReMed and ReTech Fellows!

Re-Imagining Medicine and Re-Imagining Tech are two innovative summer fellowship programs that allow students to explore the intersection of ethics and their respective fields.

ReMed will engage pre-health undergraduates in an exploration of the character and commitments required to address the field’s most pressing issues. Physicians, philosophers, and historians will work with students to explore foundational elements of change in medicine. Healthcare providers in a variety of fields will share their own training and experience to explore the moral purpose, practical wisdom, imagination, and practices needed to work effectively in contexts of healing and human suffering and to ensure the opportunity for optimal health outcomes for all. On ReMed’s faculty advisory committee are: Jeff Baker (Med/Trent/History), Neelima Navuluri (Med/DGHI), Warren Kinghorn (Med/Divinity), Jose Gonzalez (Classics), Alyssa Perz (Biology), Patrick Smith (Divinity/Trent), and Damon Tweedy (Med).

ReTech is designed to explore issues at the intersection of ethics and technology. The Fellows will meet throughout the summer to engage in conversation with experts and workshops pertaining to questions like: What historical and sociological understandings must inform our work to ensure technology is just, fair, humane and equitable? What does it mean to work with character, a sense of meaning and purpose, and to contribute to the public good? How do we design and make with thoughtful intent and cultural competence? On ReTech’s faculty advisory committee are: Jolynn Dellinger (Law), Owen Astrachan (Computer Science), and Ann Saterbak (Biomedical Engineering).

This year’s diverse cohort represent an astounding 19 departments, majoring or double majoring in the following subjects:

Computer Science • Global Health • Mathematics • Evolutionary Anthropology • Electrical Engineering • Public Policy • Mechanical Engineering • Visual Arts • Aerospace Engineering • History • Neural Engineering • Education • Cultural Anthropology • Sociology • Chemistry • Biology • Psychology • Philosophy • Neuroscience




The ReMed and ReTech Fellowships are programs of The Purpose Project. The Purpose Project, sponsored by The Duke Endowment, makes matters of character, questions of purpose and explorations of one’s life’s work signature features of the Duke experience.