Worldview Lab presents on values and decision-making

Worldview LabThe Worldview Lab at the Kenan Institute, under the direction of professors Stephen Vaisey (sociology) and Christopher Johnston (political science), for the past year and a half has assembled a team of graduate and undergraduate students to research how values shape decision-making. The lab’s ongoing activities include meetings twice a month where members workshop and present studies, receive training, and listen to visiting scholars from Duke and other universities present their research.

Members of the lab will present their research projects on April 10th at 2:30 PM in their lab space (08C West Duke Building). Brian Guay and Jesse Lopez (political science) will present their work on public opinion after the emergency response text message after Hurricane Florence, Susan Jacobs (sociology) will present her work on cultural transmission of beliefs about disability, and Kiamya Philson (sociology and neuroscience) on her proposal for focus groups on Black women, physician interactions. All work was funded by the lab, and non-members are welcome to come.

Further, professor Tim Ryan from UNC Chapel Hill political science, an expert on public opinion, political behavior, and political psychology, will visit the lab on April 24th, at 2:30 PM to talk about his latest research.  If you would like to be involved in the lab as a graduate student, postdoc, faculty member, or undergraduate student, feel free to email the lab’s manager, Joshua Doyle, at joshua.doyle@duke.edu.

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