Workshop summary examines the “language of genocide”

Language-of-Genocide-Summary-1In 2014-2015, inspired by Genocide Convention author Raphael Lemkin’s connections to Duke, an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students formed a research team supported by the Silver Family Kenan Institute for Ethics Fund in Support of Bass Connections and by Humanities Writ Large. The group met regularly to examine various facets of the language of ‘genocide,’ focusing on a range arenas, including current government practices, legal uses in international courtrooms, representations in film, and its multiple meanings through psychological studies.

As a capstone to the year, on April 16, 2015 group participants hosted a day-long interdisciplinary workshop at the Kenan Institute for Ethics to explore the use of genocide terminology across the twentieth century. A summary of the workshop has been published, written by Savannah Wooten (UNC-Duke, class of 2017) and Matthew King (Duke, class 2018).