Video of Cardinal’s Religions and Public Life talk now available

Francis Cardinal George, OMI, the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, was the first speaker of the new Religions and Public Life speaker series, “Paradoxical Politics: Religions, Poverty and Citizenship.” The six speakers chosen for the series are leading scholars and practitioners from the U.S. and abroad. This program is co-sponsored by KIE, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, and the Divinity School.

The Cardinal’s talk focused on Catholic social teaching in the age of economic globalization, and was delivered to a packed room in the Westbrook Building. He discussed the Church’s focus on strengthening communities and the ways in which global capitalism is creating increasingly stratified societies.

To watch the entire talk, visit the Religion and Public Life resources page, where all of the videos for the speaker series will be posted throughout the spring.

The next talk will be on Tuesday night. All remaining talks will be on Tuesdays, beginning at 5:30 pm in room 0014 of the Westbrook Building, next to Duke Chapel.

Jose Casanova | February 19
“Post-secularization, Globalization, and Poverty”

Ruth Marshall | February 26
“Pentecostalism, Poverty & Power”

Katherine Marshall | March 5
“Religion and Development”

Peter van der Veer | March 26
“The Spiritual, the Secular and the Poor in India and China”

Susan Holman | April 9
“Public Health, Poverty & Patristics”