While friendships have a large impact on our day-to-day lives, we seldom talk about what friendship looks like at Duke. This week at Team Kenan, members of the Duke community shared their diverse experiences of friendship.

Several Duke students asserted that the bedrock to a solid friendship is one of “trust, loyalty, respect, and supporting each other through tough times.” Others echoed these sentiments, saying that “friendship is when you can always count on someone when you’re feeling down.”

However, students cautioned that maintaining these friendships can often be a difficult process, so you “can only have a few circles of friends at one time.”. One student said that “it can be hard to maintain a lot of friendships at Duke” and requires “making the effort to make time and be available for your friends.”

A common trend among Duke students was having friends in the same classes or majors as them. One student stated that “most of my friends are people who I’m in classes with,” but questioned “if they’re necessarily the people who have the most common interests with me outside of class.”