The “Sharing Mindset” at the Duke Campus Farm


Emily McGinty is the Assistant Manager at the Duke Campus Farm who has former affiliations with the Kenan Institute for Ethics as a “pChanger” with Kenan’s Project Change and a Team Kenan student. In this video, Emily talks to us from the Duke Campus Farm about the ongoing work there in this time of crisis — all being conducted with purpose, strategy and good intention. She discusses “Taking Inventory & Taking Action” as the process of identifying what they already do well, growing food; but changing the way it is distributed – now at no cost to a number of community-based organizations. She also explains why talking in terms of “sharing” is more powerful than a “scarcity” mindset.


“Moving away from scarcity moves us into being better sharers — not because we necessarily have more to share, but because we’re assessing and inventorying what we have, and thinking about how sharing just the smallest piece of something actually can have really beautiful and amplified impacts on people.”