The Politics of Boycotts

Team Kenan presents the second discussion in its ongoing The Politics of… discussion series. This event will focus on the ethics of consumer activism through boycotts. Boycotts are often associated with the struggle for civil rights in the American South, but in recent years calls for consumer boycotts of products and brands have increased, with mixed results.

Can we admire the benefits of collective action while being mindful of the collateral harm caused to people impacted by boycotts? Do the ends justify the means? Come talk about the strategy, structure, and symbolism behind boycotts throughout history.

This discussion will feature Amy Laura Hall, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Duke Divinity School.

What: The Politics of Boycotts
Where: Link Classroom Room 2, Perkins Library
When: November 7th at 6pm

Please note this event has been moved from Link Seminar 2 to Link Classroom 2!
This event is free and open to the public.