“Techmakers” Retreats Build Community Among Women in the Technology Industry


While women now represent more than ½ of the US workforce, women continue to be comparatively underrepresented and underpaid in the tech field. Building on the Institute’s ongoing work in women’s leadership, women’s rights and purpose as well as the Technically Right initiative to address emerging issues in tech, the Kenan Institute for Ethics and I&E’s DTech program are teaming up to offer a series of Techmakers retreats to over 100 Duke undergraduate women interning with tech companies in Chicago, Seattle, Silicon Valley, San Francisco and RTP.

These retreats are designed to build a stronger community for women in the industry, enhance negotiation and communication skills in the workplace, and align values and sense of purpose with the work—all while thinking critically about the landscape for women in tech and the structural issues that sometimes get in the way of equity. Students will explore how to confront and overcome the ethical challenges and gendered barriers they will likely encounter. The weekend workshops are planned throughout the month of June.