Team Kenan event on Native American culture and appropriation strikes a chord

Appropriate-Appropriation-400Duke Today published a feature on Team Kenan’s Appropriate or Appropriation? event, cosponsored by Duke’s Forum for Scholars and #Artstigators. The event also garnered coverage in the Duke Chronicle, in which Campus Arts Editor Stephanie Wu reflects on how stereotypically “Indian” symbols can be in such widespread (and careless) use in American culture despite being revered parts of the lives of many Native Americans. Panelists included Adrienne Keene, Post-doctoral Fellow at Brown University and author of the blog “Native Appropriations;” Jessica Metcalfe, creator of “Beyond Buckskin” blog & boutique; Susan Scafidi, Professor at Fordham Law and Founder of the Fashion Law Institute (and Duke alumna); and Shayne Watson, designer at Shayne Watson Designs.