KIE Senior Fellow Ruth Grant in WSJ : Nondisclosure Agreements are Prevalent, Often Involve Public Money

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are far more prevalent than the average person realizes writes Dr. Ruth Grantsenior fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics and Duke University professor of political science and philosophy, in a new Wall Street Journal op-ed piece. In addition to their abundance, she says, “NDAs, aren’t limited to allegations of sexual misconduct,” such as the recent and very public case of Stormy Daniels. “Often they involve public money. The agreements regularly undermine the accountability of the powerful and protection for the public.”

Among some promising recent measures are laws in several states prohibiting NDAs if they conceal “public hazards,” such as dangers to general health or safety. “Accountability requires transparency,” says Grant, “as more policymakers are realizing—and there is public harm in allowing defective products to stay on the market, masking sexual predators or restraining whistleblowers.”

Read her WSJ op-ed here: https://on.wsj.com/2lPjmcI