Suzanne Shanahan joins Duke panel on ISIS and the refugee crisis

SuzanneThe Duke Middle East Studies Center and Campaign Stop 2016 recently held a panel featuring Duke experts commenting on the rise and geopolitical impact of the Islamic State. KIE Co-Director Suzanne Shanahan was joined by Duke professors Omid Safi, David Schanzer and David Siegel, with panel moderation by political science professor Abdeslam Maghraoui.

Read a recap of the panel on Duke Today:

Discussing international refugee law, Shanahan also pointed out that the thousands of Syrians and Iraqis entering Europe — and the millions in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey — are asylum-seekers who have the legal right to protection by European and Middle Eastern countries. In the U.S., refugees undergo an extensive screening process by both Homeland Security and the United Nations before they are admitted, and this country has welcomed 800,000 refugees since 2001.