Respond Purposefully this Summer with a Second Session Course

Looking to respond purposefully this summer? Of course you are, and here are two second session courses to help!


CESC 201 Flyer

Introduction to Engaged Citizenship and Social Change (CESC 201/EDUC 201/POLSCI 213/PUBPOL 203/RIGHTS 201)
Summer Session II, MTuTh 12:30-2:35 pm, Instructor: Eric Mlyn

Introduction to key concepts, theories, and critiques of civic engagement and social change, with a focus on competing notions of democratic citizenship. Examination of voluntarism, philanthropy, community service, political participation, social activism and other forms of community engagement. Critical reflection on ethical issues related to community engagement and social change, including critiques of progressivism and service. Students will also be asked to apply these various approaches to pressing social issues of our time, such as income inequality, environmental justice, education reform and gender and race equality.



Refugee Mental Health (ETHICS 390S, AMES 390S, GLHLTH 390S, PUBPOL 290S)
Summer Session II, TBA, Instructor: Suzanne Shanahan

North Carolina has the 9th largest resettled refugee population in the United States with several hundred families living in Durham alone. Refugees have long faced challenges including food insecurity, limited literacy, under-employment and inadequate access to health services. But recently experts have identified mental health as a significant and growing problem. This course does 3 things. 1) it introduces students to the scholarly and policy literature on refugee mental health; 2) it offers a primer on best practices in therapeutic arts interventions; & 3) it brings together students and members of Arabic speaking newcomer community to collaboratively design an arts therapy intervention.