Spring 2021 Courses



There are a number of interesting courses being offered through the Ethics department this coming Spring! Whether students are interested in the What Now? network, the Ethics & Society Certificate, the Civic Engagement & Social Change Certificate, or simply exploring Ethics, there is something for everyone.




  • What Now? Emotion, Evolution, and Ethics with Daniel McShea (ETHICS 89S/BIOLOGY 89S)
  • What Now? What We Owe to Each Other with Jesse Summers (ETHICS 89S/PHIL 89S)
  • What Now? Organizing for Equity with Adam Hollowell (ETHICS 89S/EDUC 89S)
  • What Now? Visionary Thinking with Michael Kliën (ETHICS 89S/DANCE 89S)
  • What Now? The Magic of Collaboration with Thomas Brothers (ETHICS 89S/MUSIC 89S)
  • What Now? Why Are We Here? with David Malone (ETHICS 89S/EDUC 89S)
  • What Now? Leading Through Change with Moran Anisman-Razin (ETHICS 89S/I&E 89S/PSY 89S/SOCIOL 89S)
  • What Now? Race and Education with Angel Harris (ETHICS 89S/ SOCIOL 89S/PUBPOL 89S/ AAAS 89S)
  • The Challenges of Living an Ethical Life with Elliot Mamet (ETHICS 101/POLSCI 120)
  • Conservatism with John Rose (ETHICS 202/POLSCI 210)
  • How to Think in an Age of Political Polarization with John Rose (ETHICS 203/POLSCI 208)
  • Religion and Migration with Alberto La Rosa Rojas (ETHICS 290S)
  • Solidarity as a Way of Life with Matthew Elia (ETHICS 290S)
  • Christianity, Suffering, and the Problem of Evil with Nathan Hershberger (ETHICS 290S/RELIGION 290S)
  • Lives of Civic Engagement with Eric Mlyn (ETHICS 401S/CESC 401S/EDUC 401S/POLSCI 401S/PUBPOL 401S)
  • Modern Catholic Writing with Peter Casarella (ETHICS 481/XTIANTHE 781)
  • Privacy, Ethics, Data and Tech with Jolynn Dellinger (ETHICS 590S/PUBPOL 590S