Kenan Fellows Discuss Scrupulosity on Ethics Podcast

A lettered diagram of the human brain

Is it possible to be too good? Is it possible that thinking about morality could cause clinical levels of emotional and mental distress? On this episode of the Examining Ethics podcast, Christiane Wisehart talks to Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Chauncey Stillman Professor of Practical Ethics at Kenan, and Jesse Summers, Kenan Senior Fellow, to explore a disorder known as Scrupulosity. People with Scrupulosity are obsessive about morality, checking and re-checking to make sure they haven’t done something wrong.  Together, they explore the philosophical implications of these obsessions with moral behavior. Christiane also talks to Dr. Laura Crosskey, who treats patients with Scrupulosity.

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You can also read more about Walter and Jesse’s research and their book Clean Hands here.