Senior Fellow Dirk Philipsen interviewed on The Takeaway

the TakeawayKenan Senior Fellow Dirk Philipsen spoke with journalist Melissa Harris-Perry on the podcast The Takeaway this week about how focusing on economic growth leads us to ignore things that matter much more – like human wellbeing, and the health of the planet.

“The biggest problem is, for me, the sole focus on…output, which is essentially, in financial terms, what we sell and buy in the marketplace. Very obviously, this ignores a wide range of things that for you and me make life worth living. Everything from democracy to freedom to equality to a healthy environment. All of those kinds of things are simply not part of our economic indicators. And that is an enormous problem that is now widely recognized by scientists.”

Listen to the full conversation on The Takeaway via your favorite podcast platform or the WNYC Studios website here.