The Science of Selection, Feb. 21

Selection processes aren’t just for the admissions office; they happen all the time across campus and beyond. Rush season spurs all kinds of group decision-making within campus organizations, but the way we form social groups has implications for student life—and life after college. Are you intrigued by student-run selective processes and how they impact students and campus as a whole? What social and psychological factors contribute to the ways students (and people more generally) make decisions about the groups with which they affiliate? When is group diversity desirable and when might it be problematic? Join Team Kenan for a panel discussion over dinner in the Gothic Reading Room. Panelists include Donna Lisker (Office of Undergraduate Education), and Gary Glass (CAPS).

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What: The Science of Selection
When: February 21st at 7:30pm
Where: Gothic Reading Room, Perkins Library
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Dinner guaranteed for those who RSVP by Feb. 19th at noon.