Religions and Public Life at KIE seeks scholars for 2016-2017

The Council for European Studies at Duke University, in collaboration with the Duke University Center for Jewish Studies and Religions and Public Life at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, invites applications for Research Scholarships for the academic year 2016-2017. The scholarship supports graduate and professional students, as well as postdocs, wishing to take part in interdisciplinary student-led seminars, focusing on Religion and Ethnicity in Global Europe. Scholars will be participating in working groups on one of three themes:

  1. Jews & Muslims: Histories, Diasporas, and the Meaning of the ‘European’
  2. Reasonable Accommodations: Minorities in Globalized Nation States
  3. Religions and Public Life in Global Europe

The Society’s conceptions of global Europe, the religious sphere and ethnicity are capacious. Under exceptional circumstances, applications on topics falling outside the range of the three themes may be considered.

The Society’s working groups provide members with the opportunity to develop their research interests and discuss recent scholarship. Members take active part in the events of the Duke Council for European Studies, Center for Jewish Studies and Religions and Public Life and commit to attending monthly meetings throughout the academic year. They also agree to record a brief video highlighting their research or to write an analysis of an event they attended, which may then be featured on the Council for European Studies, Center for Jewish Studies and Religions and Public Life websites and social media.

Scholarships consist of a $1,500 reimbursement for research expenses. Contingent upon fulfillment of the scholarship’s attendance and participation requirements, these funds will be paid out in two separate payments of $750 each through the scholar’s home department. Depending upon the availability of funding, additional monies may be made available throughout the course of the year. Additionally, the Council for European Studies will provide scholars with shared office space at the John Hope Franklin Center. Preference in scholar selection may be given to graduate students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary European Studies Certificate. Postdocs and visiting scholars may also be considered.

This year, additional monies will be made available to several Fellows for creating and running a blog on the Religions and Public Life at KIE website.

To apply, please submit the materials listed below to Ms. Deirdre White (deirdre.white@duke.edu) by June 15, 2016. Awards will be announced by July. An application should include:

  • The Society of Fellows Research Scholar application
  • A one-page abstract for a research project, focusing on one of the three themes listed above. Please include the topic, objectives of your project, and relevance to the discipline or field of study as well as your academic trajectory. Additionally, please include how your project may contribute to the scholarly community.
  • A proposal budget Scholars may be asked to share their research and findings by participating in colloquia or panel discussions during the year of their fellowship or the following year.