From current policy debates about the ethics of migration, cyber-security, or artificial intelligence to historical interrogations of the rise of a post-secular society and nature of genocide to philosophical puzzles about the limits of individual responsibility or foundations of happiness, the Kenan Institute for Ethics takes seriously the notion that ethical questions and problems are indeed everywhere.

Ethics matters everywhere.

The Kenan Institute for Ethics is an interdisciplinary think and do tank committed to promoting moral reflection and commitment, conducting interdisciplinary research, and shaping policy and practice at Duke and beyond.

Established in 1995 and now one of the country’s leading ethics centers, the Kenan Institute is Duke University’s central node for analysis, debate, and engagement on ethical issues both on campus and in communities worldwide. A vibrant community of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community stakeholders, the Institute seeks to meld theory and practice, scholarship and action to address a range of normative questions about right, wrong, about what is fair and just, about how we live as well as how we should and can live.

The Kenan Institute for Ethics currently features work in six areas: environmental justice, global migration, human rights, tech ethics, moral attitudes and decision-making, and religions and public life. The Institute is also home to a wide range of innovative curricular and co-curricular student programs and an incubator for new faculty research in ethics. We are a national leader in the integration of research, pedagogy, and practice and in the development of experiential models of teaching and learning.

6 core areas: Ethics & Environmental Policy; Global Migration; Technically Right; Moral Attitudes; Religions & Public Life; Human Rights

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