Wayne Norman

Wayne Norman is the Mike and Ruth Mackowski Professor of Ethics in the Kenan Institute for Ethics and the Department of Philosophy at Duke University. He specializes in business ethics and political philosophy: his work in business ethics includes critical evaluations of stakeholder theory, corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, the so-called “triple bottom line”, and conflicts of interest; and his work in political philosophy includes nationalism, citizenship, constitutionalism, federalism, secession, and multiculturalism. He is the author of Negotiating Nationalism: Nation-building, Federalism, and Secession in the Multinational State and co-editor or author of four other books. His articles have appeared in numerous journals including Ethics, Political Studies, and Business Ethics Quarterly. He previously held Chairs in Business Ethics at the Université de Montréal and the University of British Columbia, and before that taught at the University of Ottawa and the University of Western Ontario. In 2001, his 5-person MBA Core Team won the Allen Blizzard Award for Best Collaborative Teaching in Higher Education in Canada. He earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Trent University and a doctorate in philosophy from the London School of Economics. He is currently working on a conception of business ethics arising out of the economic and legal theory of the firm.

102 West Duke Building
Box 90432
Durham, NC 27708