Suzanne Shanahan

Suzanne Shanahan is Nannerl O. Keohane Director of the Kenan Institute for Ethics and Associate Research Professor in Sociology. Suzanne also oversees DukeEngage, the university’s signature civic engagement program, and ran the DukeEngage-Dublin program for 11 years.   Additionally, she directs the Kenan Refugee Project, a 6-country, community-based project on forced migration. Her current research focuses on forced migration and moral responsibility. More specifically, Suzanne’s work explores the impact of displacement on refugee well-being and moral boundaries before and after resettlement with particular focus on Bhutanese, Iraqi and Syrian refugees. This community-based research is a collaboration with communities both in the Middle East and with newcomer communities in North Carolina. Other work explores the dynamics of racial collective action in the United States and Europe. She is recipient of the Robert B. Cox Distinguished Teaching Award and the Dean’s Distinguished Service Award. Suzanne received her PhD from Stanford University.

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