Jose Ortega-Estrada

Jose Ortega-Estrada is from Hillsborough, NC and completed his undergraduate degree at Duke in 2019. Jose’s experience as a first generation low income (FGLI) Latinx student has fueled his passion for giving back to his community. During his time at Duke, he participated in DukeEngage in Tucson, AZ working at a nonprofit that educated undocumented immigrants about their civil rights. After Duke, he worked as a college advisor for the Duke College Advising Corps to increase the number of FGLI and underrepresented students in post-secondary education. As a Bear Fellow, he oversees part of the Citizenship Lab, headed the 2021 What is Good Art? (WiGA) art competition and will spearhead a project based on transitional challenges FGLI students face and analyze how public and private institutions support them. He is interested in pursuing a graduate degree to focus on educational equity and Latinx advocacy.