Aydin Anwar

Aydin Anwar is a senior majoring in International Comparative Studies. She was a part of Project Change, Kenan Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship focus, Team Kenan, the Kenan Summer Fellowship, and Supporting Women’s Action, SuWA. As an ethnic Uyghur, Aydin revolves much of her passions around advocacy for the Uyghurs of Chinese occupied East Turkestan. She is interested in media, human rights, Uyghur politics, China, and Islamic Studies. She is also deeply involved in the Muslim community, currently serving as the President of Duke Muslims’ Student Association. In her spare time, Aydin enjoys baking and having deep conversations about faith.

Harry Liu is a Senior from New York City studying Economics and Computer Science. He participated in Project Change which sparked his desire to improve on-campus engagement with the Durham community. At Kenan, he has contributed to TK projects and supported faculty initiatives to promote conversations about contemporary ethical questions on campus. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, studying new languages and playing pick-up basketball.

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