New podcast series explores connection of philosophy, human stories

barry_croppedBarry Lam, a Humanities-Writ Large Fellow working with Chauncey Stillman Professor in Practical Ethics Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, has launched a new podcast that weaves narrative storytelling, documentary radio, and investigative reporting with contemporary philosophy.

Hi-Phi Nation, available through iTunes, SoundCloud and GooglePlay, offers a philosophical examination of ideas that arise from ordinary and remarkable stories of human life. Produced in coordination with an interdisciplinary group of faculty, including those at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, Hi-Phi Nation will release weekly episodes over the next 10 weeks.

The first episode, “The Wishes of the Dead,” follows the story of the Hershey fortune to show how a 19th century industrialist constructed a business structure to ensure that his idiosyncratic wishes would be fulfilled hundreds of years after his death.

For a closer look at Hi-Phi Nation and what to expect in its 10-week run, watch this trailer: