Business Ethics

These cases began as student projects and have been refined by experienced professors of ethics who found these scenarios both contemporary and poignant tools for teaching basic business ethics concepts. All cases have accompanying study questions.

Google Books: Liberating the World’s Information, or Appropriating It? (2011)

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Discusses the ethical and political issues arising from Google’s plan to digitize the world’s books.

Keywords: Google, Google Books, copyright, intellectual property

JuicyCampus (2008)
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Discusses interactive website JuicyCampus.com which solicited user-generated anonymous gossip from college students across the country.

Keywords: JuicyCampus, gossip, First Amendment, free speech, online content, cyberbullying, privacy, anonymity, defamation, popularity

Google in China: “The Great Firewall” (2007)
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Discusses the decision by Google, a company whose mission is to uphold the highest standards of ethical business conduct, to launch a version of its search engine that is run from within China and subject to self-censorship.

Keywords: Google, Google.cn, China, ethical conduct, censorship, firewall, Internet policing, online content, market share, search engine, information access, privacy, government surveillance, corporate social responsibility