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Each year, the Kenan Institute for Ethics works with a group of Duke ungraduate students for a unique experience that includes a semester of four classes and a capstone of a month of field research abroad. The purpose: to connect people with policy and classroom research with real world realities.

Meet the 2017 De-Constructing/Re-Constructing Students
Isabella Arbelaez is a sophomore majoring in History with a concentration in Human Rights and a minor in Spanish. She currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and enjoys running outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her three younger siblings.

Bryce Cracknell is a junior from Charlotte, NC majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in race and poverty, and a minor in Environmental Science and Policy.  He enjoys playing soccer, cheering on Duke athletics, attending plays/musicals, and anything Star Wars.

Sara Evall is a sophomore Program II major in Refugee and Migrant Studies. She is from Los Angeles, California, and loves spending time at the beach, traveling and exploring new cultures, reading, trying new types of foods, and watching movies.

Idalis French is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and is interested in the Child Policy Research certificate. She loves writing, hanging out with her closest friends, and is very involved in her campus ministry.

Louden Richason is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is thinking of studying economics and likes to play pick-up sports of any kind, draw, and read. He’s willing to play Euchre at any hour of the day and has recently mastered the art of the twenty minute nap.

Sloan Talbot is a sophomore double majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science with a Certificate in Ethics. Sloan is interested in deconstructing the White Savior Complex in International Development work, and enjoys watching her fair share of cooking tutorials in her free time.

Josie Tarin is a first-year student majoring in political science and international comparative studies. Josie’s interests include taking midnight strolls, reading up on current events and watching any and all documentaries.

Previous student groups

Sanjeev Dasgupta is a sophomore from New Delhi, India studying Political Science. His interests include watching and playing soccer, photography, watching historical war movies and kickboxing.

Jeremy Fox is a junior majoring in Computer Science with a double minor in Math and Philosophy. He hails from Chapel Hill and enjoys spending his free time backpacking, reading, and exploring with friends.

Callie Fry is a sophomore from North Carolina studying Public Policy. Her interests are backpacking through the Pisgah National Forest, running marathons, cooking gluten-free food, and traveling with her parents.

Logan Laguna-Kirkpatrick is a sophomore studying political science and international comparative studies. His interests include expanding the due process rights of undocumented immigrants in the U.S., investigating the evolution of Constitutional privacy litigation, and protecting legal status of stateless groups under the Refugee Convention.

Reed McLaurin is a sophomore Public Policy major with a minor in Cultural Anthropology and a certificate in Ethics. He hails from Lufkin, Texas and enjoys playing both tennis and squash.

Julie Williams is a freshman from Tampa, Florida planning to major in Global Health and Public Policy. She enjoys singing, learning about different cultures, going to the beach with her family and friends, and eating cookie dough.

Lily Doron is a freshman from Durham, NC, and is undeclared in her major. Lily is on the Duke club soccer team, volunteers with Church World Service, and assistant coaches a Special Olympics soccer team.

Nali Gillespie is a junior from San Diego, CA, and she is majoring in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (also premed). She also volunteers with Duke EMS and works in Dean Nowicki’s animal behavior lab. In her spare time, she loves to dance, as ballet is one of her greatest passions outside of school.

Meron Hailu is a junior from Alexandria, VA, majoring in economics with a sociology minor. She is an active member of Duke’s Nourish International chapter and is an intern for SymbologyClothing. She is interested in international development and nonprofit work.

Molly Howard is a freshman from Tucson, Arizona, interested in studying Public Policy. Molly hopes to pursue a Policy Journalism & Media Studies Certificate and attend law school after graduating from Duke.

Elizabeth Hoyler is a sophomore hoping to major in Global Health and Public Policy with an Economics minor. She is in the Swing Dance performance group at Duke, and hopes to travel to as many World Heritage sites as she can.

Olivia Johnson is a freshman from Washington, DC, hoping to major in ICS and Political Science. Olivia is involved in Duke Debate, MASTERY tutoring, Bassett House Council, InterVarsity, and America Reads America Counts.

Michelle Khalid is a freshman from Clermont, Florida, hoping to major in Cultural Anthropology. She is a member of USAS, Global Brigades, and Two Write Love on Her Arms.

Christie Lawrence is a sophomore from Charleston, SC, hoping to major in Public Policy with a Turkish Language and Culture minor. Christie is a member of Think Before You Talk, a member of American Grand Strategy’s Undergraduate Council, treasurer of Ubuntu, a DJ for WXDU, and intern for the “It’s Your Move” campaign. Josephine Ramseyer is a sophomore from Paris, France, hoping to double major in English and international comparative studies with a concentration in South American studies. She has plans to pursue a career in human rights law.

Krystelle Rocourt is a freshman from Haiti hoping to major in International Comparative Studies with a minor in English. Krystelle is a member of Cambridge Christian Fellowship and enjoys photography and contemporary dance.

Tra Tran is a junior from New Mexico double majoring in psychology and cultural anthropology. She plans on going to graduate school for clinical psychology with a concentration in cultural psychology. She is a member of MASTERY, SFER, and Mirecourt.

Alexa Barrett, an International Comparative Studies major with an ISIS and Arts of the Moving Image Certificate. Alexa loves filmmaking, salsa, and sharing tea with friends.

Leah Catotti, a Cultural Anthropology and Global Health major. She loves dancing, dolphins, and everything Bull City.

Christine Delp, a Program II major in Ethics and Visual Documentary Studies. She loves traveling, hiking, and coffee.

Ciera Echols, majoring in International Comparative Studies and Arabic. Ciera’s hobbies include: helping those in the community, learning new things, and playing sports.

Leena El-Sadek, majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Global Health and minoring in Biology. She enjoys writing and seasonal ice cream flavors.

Maura Guyler, majoring in Political Science and Arabic. She loves traveling, learning about new cultures, and eating Middle Eastern food.

Dechen Lama, double majoring in Public Policy and Global Health. She enjoys watching films and reading.

Caroline Marschilok, majoring in public policy and she loves traveling and babies.

Max Ramseyer, a Public Policy major with a minor in Music and an Ethics certificate. He loves Jazz and Classical piano, basketball, and immersing himself in new cultures.

Jack Stanovsek, on a pre-medicine track and majoring in cultural anthropology. He longs for the beach and loves everything about his family.

Lexy Steinhilber, majoring in International Comparative Studies. She is a fiend for chocolate, meeting new people, and being with friends and family.

Nikita Yogeshwarun, studying Art History and Evolutionary Anthropology. She is passionate about animal rights and fine art, and her hobbies include finding the perfect tofu scramble and spending time with her cats and foster dog.

Heather Durham

CeCe Mercer

Grace Benson

Eugenie Dubin

Kelly Howard

Nicole Daniels

Julie Stefanich

Esther Kim

Malena Price

Jamie Bergstrom

Kiran Bhai

Ronnie Wimberley