Meet Team Kenan!

Team Kenan is a part of the Institute’s social and intellectual community, creating spaces for students, faculty, and Institute staff to think and talk about ethics outside of the classroom in fun and engaging ways. TK programs serve as a complement to the Institute’s curricular offerings, giving students who are interested in ethics additional opportunities to chat, think, and challenge one another and the wider Duke community. The team, made up of a diverse cross-section of Duke students, engages the Duke community through interviewing and informal conversations. Students conduct in-depth interviews with Duke students, faculty, and staff, as well as community members, on topics relevant to this time. They also host bi-weekly conversations for Duke students on topics like electoral politics, virtual learning, and relationships during COVID. Meant to inspire moments of connection, the TK team brings ethical inquiry to Duke students wherever they might be.

We welcome our new (and returning) members of the team!