‘Make Your Mark’ at Kenan’s crowdsourced art exhibit

From now through April 14, visitors to the West Duke Building are encouraged to take part in a unique art installation posted by Team Kenan and the Kenan Institute for Ethics. The “Make Your Mark” exhibit features a series of hanging canvases where students, faculty and staff can draw images and shapes as a way to explore the ethical and artistic expression of graffiti.

While early versions of American graffiti focused on “drinking, defecating and politicking,” during the 1950s 1960s, it became associated with a powerful youth subculture that rejected the values and laws on mainstream society, developing its own language, aesthetic, and cultural values. In their own way, Duke community members can explore these ideas through the temporary installation.

To get involved, ask for markers in Room 102.

On March 31, local artist Adair Jones kicked off the “Make Your Mark” exhibit with her own creation, seen in the timelapse video below.