The Last Girl Project (LGP) is a project dedicated to understanding the prevalence, drivers, responses, and realities of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in contemporary USA.

Through interviews with stakeholders and young adults, this project aims to understand the prevalence, drivers, and dynamics of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST)/commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in contemporary USA. This page serves as a hub for these stories, as featured in the LGP monthly newsletter. You can sign up for this newsletter here.

Kiwi, 25, Young Adult, she/hers – April 2021

“Honestly, I liked juvenile hall and I felt happier when I was there, because people were just like, I felt less stressed and less chaos. I just felt like, fine when I was in there… I didn’t even want to go home… I felt better in there than I did at home.”

Koko, 25, Young Adult, she/hers – March 2021

“And then it kind of hit me one time, I was hanging out at a football game… a junior in high school. And then some like, I think it was seventh grader….comes up to me. He was like, ‘hey, you’re the prostitute. Right?’And like, what the … how did you? … I don’t know. And I don’t think he really meant anything by it, it was just something that he knew… And then in my head, I’m like, ‘wait, like, I’m sleeping with people for money, I guess that could like, be identified as that… [but] I didn’t see it like that… So I mean, that was a huge wake up call when that little kid was like, “oh, hi [prostitute],” and I’m like, “I’m at a football game, I’m trying to live my life.”

Francis, 20, Young Adult, she/hers – February 2021

“I sold pictures of my feet for money… so that I could like buy earrings… And I was like, “This is nothing.”… But it was like, I put [the pictures] out there as like sexually charged…and like people bought them. And it’s not like the most dramatic example of like selling sex for, for money, for something. But it is like, I mean… it just was completely like a normalized, chillin thing between me and my friends. And like, we thought it was funny. And like, we like would try to do it.

Rose, 25, Young Adult, she/hers – January 2021

So I was 17 when I first started [trading sex for money], because I was looking for a job. Yeah. And most jobs didn’t want you if you don’t have experience. So I was getting really frustrated. Because, you know, I was living with my family. Right. And my mom was always doing drugs. She was always broke. And she would always use up all our money that we had, right on drugs. So my dad was broke, and he was mad that he was broke. So, you know, there was barely anything in the house. Any toilet paper, food even. So we were always struggling because of my mom. And I just wanted money.

Amber, 24, Young Adult, she/hers – December 2020

I don’t think people who do this are bad people, I just think they have ways that they should grow. Of course there’s bad people, but for the most part people aren’t necessarily bad or good. It’s just a matter of are you trying to become abetter person for the people around you and for yourself? Or are you willing to be stuck in what you are?