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These statistics represent different population and trafficking demographics for each state and were chosen to provide a brief understanding of different factors that, according to previous research, are important societal risk factors in the continuation of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST)/commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).

These statistics were collected during the summer of 2020’s data collection period from publicly available sources and from interviews with stakeholders.

*This number, taken from the national hotline’s tips on minor sex trafficking, is comprised of the number of tips called in. A tip could be a call about a whole house that looks suspicious with multiple minors, or one person calling multiple times. In addition, not everyone who is being trafficked knows to call this number, and/or can call the hotline. When thinking about the prevalence of this problem, we must take into consideration these limitations.

**This number reflects the difficulty of determining an accurate estimate of this problem. From misrepresentation of DMST/CSEC, to under-reporting, to the transient and/or hidden nature of DMST/CSEC, we must take these limitations into consideration.