Join Walter Sinnott-Armstrong in Alumni Association’s DukeReads program

Sinnott-ArmstrongFor five seasons, the Duke Alumni Association’s DukeReads has offered books selected by diverse Duke faculty and experts to give alumni a chance to hear what Duke is reading and learn insights from favorite Duke personalities. KIE’s Walter Sinnott-Armstrong has selected The Psychopath Whisperer: the Science of those without Conscience by Kent Kiehl.

On why he made the selection, he says: “Psychopaths are less than one percent of the population, but they commit over 30% of the violent crime in the United States. This book explains what psychopaths are, the history of this diagnosis, and the only method of treatment that works. It is filled with fascinating personal stories, because the author has decades of years of experience working with psychopaths in prisons. He is also a top neuroscientist who insists on accuracy while making the story accessible and lively. Alumni will have fun reading it, and they will learn how to critically evaluate the many misleading representations of psychopaths in popular media.”