It’s Friday, Friday! Fun, fun, fun, fun!

Perhaps you’ve heard of a certain Rebecca Black recently. She is the 13 year old “sensation” that is sweeping the web due to a video she made with Ark Music Factory. Just a normal video you might say, no different than any other music video made for teenagers in America today. Watch for yourself below:

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It is understandable to be in a state of shock right now. Most people are. What can you say to something like this? Is it good music? Is it bad music? What makes music good? And can I laugh at her?

Black’s song ultimately holds its place in society directly as a result of how conventionally bad it is, which also forces us to question how exactly we judge people on the internet. Is it alright to laugh at a person who may be following her dreams simply because she produced a very poor quality music video? Is it alright to laugh at the girl below due to her equally unusual method of perfecting her singing?

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Just because Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is a horrible song lyrically and perhaps even musically, does its somewhat catchy beat and mostly useless message make it a good piece of music? I don’t think so. And does it have to be respected? Absolutely not, in my opinion.

I think that no piece of information needs to be completely respected as if it were a person on the internet. When watching these videos, we laugh because they represent something funny, not because we are trying to hurt those involved in the creation of the video. As long as people are not criticizing the person directly (which unfortunately happens all too frequently), and thus harming that person, I don’t think there is anything wrong with laughing at a teenage girl having fun fun fun fun!

What do you think?

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