Hail Mrs. Muhammad!

Tim Tebow.

I’m sure starting this piece of writing with his name just ensured many people’s attention. After all, his overtime victory over the Steelers (I repeat, the Steelers!) blew America away. His unconventional style of play and his “shove-Christianity-in-your-face” attitude has won him just as many lovers as critics. One thing that is for sure: he is becoming a household name. In fact, I have just added the word “Tebow” to my Microsoft Word dictionary.

High school students have been suspended for “Tebowing,” Pro-Choice supporters have started a fundraiser that encourages $10 donations for every Tebow touchdown, and, since it’s 2012, Rick Perry has compared himself to Tebow in Iowa (did Tebow forget the third part of the Holy Trinity? I don’t think so. Bad comparison Governor Perry).

As the Tebow-mania becomes hotter and hotter, a topic starts to emerge: What if Tebow was Muslim?

Well first of all, some logistics: Would he be okay playing for the New Orleans Saints? And he sure can’t do Hail Marys anymore. Nor would he enjoy playing here at University of Notre Dame.

But all that aside, what will America think of him?

Sandra Fish from the Washington Post does not seem to think that it would bode well for the Christian poster boy and Engel from Fox News brings up a completely different spin, stating that Tebow would be respected, and that “all hell would break loose” (at least the Christian and Muslim hells I’m sure) if Muslim Tebow’s religious touchdown celebrations were mocked by the players (as Christian Tebow’s prayers often have been).

I agree with Engel that mocking anybody’s demonstration of faith is not a good gesture and yes, the reaction might be much more serious if the Muslim Tebow celebration were mocked. And like Fish, I do not think America would like Tebow as much if he started all his interviews with “Praise Allah.” Feel free to call me out, but for some reason, I just don’t think Tebow would simply receive just some eye rolls or thunderous cheers if after every touchdown, he pulls out his prayer mat and bows towards Mecca (it certainly won’t be an excessive celebration penalty according to NFL rules).

I think there’s something wrong about this. As a society that puts emphasis on freedom of expression and freedom of worship above everything else, why is it that our views on a person can change solely based on his/her religion, especially when the religion praises good values like all other major religions in the world? Just look at how much President Obama had to go out of his way to show everybody that he is not a Muslim. Perhaps we really do need a Muslim Tebow to come change things up a little bit.