Good Question

Intentionally or not, everyone “does” ethics, oftentimes extraordinarily well.

All you have to do is wonder or argue about how to act, what lives to emulate or honor, or which obligations to embrace or ideals to pursue. Begun in 2010 in celebration of the Institute’s 15th anniversary, this series aims to engage faculty and students from across Duke’s campus in examining their research through the lens of ethics. Recent publications are available below.

Good Question Patrick Smith (cover image)

Patrick Smith

Often when one thinks about bioethics, they assume the medical application of bioethics – big q...

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Good Question with Charlie Thompson

Charles Thompson

Often absent from the fiery national debate around immigration is our reliance on immigrant labor...

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Adriane Lentz-Smith Good Question Cover


Is writing history an ethical enterprise? When writing about places and people in history, ethica...

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Malachi Hacohen Good Question Cover

Malachi Hacohen

Why and how are religious and historical narratives relevant to modern challenges? History provid...

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