Forging Purpose: A Workshop For Alumni

A global pandemic, economic uncertainty and social upheaval are more than enough to give us all pause about the direction of our work, our lives, our purpose. In some ways the disruption to the rhythms of our lives offers a rare opportunity for taking stock, for reflection, for reimagination. But, these reckonings can feel overwhelming when we are left to make sense of them on our own. We all benefit from someone to “coach” us through these moments, to help us see the possibilities for greater happiness and wellbeing. KIE’s Forging Purpose offers alums of all ages a space to devise a purpose plan for a meaningful new career or pathway after retirement, for an unexpected life change brought on by circumstances beyond our control, or for  getting “unstuck” personally or professionally. At this moment, change is possible—and possibly necessary.

The Plan

The Forging Purpose Alumni Workshops will include:

  • 30-min pre-workshop consult to understand the needs of individual participants so content and cohorts can be tailored more directly to interests and experiences
  • 90-min Workshop Session – Groups will be matched based on the pre-workshop consults in hopes of creating ties that might extend beyond the initial purpose coaching series. The session itself applies wisdom from social science and philosophy to the stories and experiences of individual alumni to provide evidence-based insights into the particular challenges that face alumni as they look for or seek renewed purpose, happiness and wellbeing in their careers and personal lives. Whether making the leap from safe-but-unsatisfying work or seeking something that better matches an individual’s calling, we’ll offer questions and perspectives to guide participants to start consciously exploring and expressing their purpose, while seeding and facilitating community building among participants with particular career affinities.
  • One One-on-One session to follow-up on the suggested “homework” to create a tailored plan for each individual participant to express their purpose in their lives more robustly.
  • Access to a private listserv for participants to continue to connect and receive occasional purpose related resources, tips and readings.