Ethical Tech Competition

Ethical Tech Competition


In a memo, identify and propose a solution to an ethical problem in the area of emerging technology.

AWARD: Undergraduate Winner: $1,000; Graduate Winner: $1,000 |  Winning submission will be posted on the Kenan Institute website.
LENGTH: 800 words
DEADLINE: Friday, April 25, 11:59 PM
CONTACT: jeremy.buotte@duke.edu


Potential Topics:

Any ethical issue in emerging technology can be the topic of focus for the memo. Possible topics include:

  • algorithmic discrimination
  • cybersecurity and information security/data breaches
  • behavioral microtargeting and ad tech
  • regulation of autonomous vehicles
  • regulation of artificial intelligence and data governance
  • autonomous weapons
  • limiting encryption
  • censorship of the Internet or social media
  • foreign interference in elections and “fake news”
  • cybercrime and cyberwarfare
  • critical infrastructure
  • cyber attribution of cyber attacks
  • accuracy of predictive analytics
  • privacy enhancing technologies
  • algorithmic transparency and accountability
  • data ethics and cyber ethics
  • cyberbullying and cyberharassment
  • cyber diplomacy and Internet freedom
  • net neutrality
  • cybersurveillance


Additional Information:

Memos must include descriptive research and normative prescriptions for institutional responses or approaches.

Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Ability to Identify and Articulate a Solution to an Emerging Tech Challenge;
  2. Consider Ethical, Social, and Practical Factors in Designing a Solution;
  3. Address Challenges with Implementation; and
  4. Clarity and Quality of Writing

Students may work in teams. Please note that awards will be equally split amongst team members.  

Please email Jeremy Buotte (jeremy.buotte@duke.edu) with questions.