Eight graduates receive certificates in ethics

2014-ECP-gradsThe Ethics Certificate Program has eight new alumni: Grace Benson (Major in Public Policy); Daniella Cordero (Major in Neuroscience, Minor in Chemistry); Kelly Howard (Major in Evolutionary Anthropology); Esther Kim (Major in Political Science); Cory Lancaster (Major in Public Policy); Caroline Marschilok (Major in Public Policy); Julie Stefanich (Major in Public Policy); and Kenneth Strickland (Major in Psychology, Minor in African & African American Studies).

Students pursuing the Ethics Certificate take courses from a number of disciplines and engage with multiple perspectives in order to answer this question. This rigorous approach helps develop clarity of thought and expression about ethical issues. Students from all majors of study are invited to pursue the certificate. This year, the program introduced a new pathway option; in addition to the curricular-only option with only course requirements, a co-curricular option includes two experiential components, including a research element and a field project.